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Curriculum vitae - Peter Žilinčan

Peter Žilinčan Ing. Peter Žilinčan
Managing Director of BIOHEM, spol. s r.o.

Peter Žilinčan was born in Trenčín, Slovakia on 11.03.1971. He graduated from University of Economics Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce & International Trade in 1994. During his studies he undertook an Intensive seminar - Marketing and Finance at the University of Basel, Switzerland and in 1995 concluded an MBA course - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the Winona State University, Minnesota, USA.

1994 - 1995 he worked at the purchasing department of CHIRANA PREMA - Slovak medical equipment producer. He has 2 years of working experience as Sales Manager in SLOVANET - ISP and HW supplier.

1997 he joined BIOHEM a pharmaceutical and medical devices wholesaler and gradually achieved the position of Managing Director. Currently he is also responsible as General Manager of 2 affiliated dialysis stations located in Slovakia.